The Studio and Star Factory - Rory Adams

Kirsty has taught me all that I know about songwriting. No dream is too crazy around Kirsty and I definitely would not be where I am today in my career or as as a person without her.

The Studio and Star Factory - Jack Conroy

Kirsty’s expertise and understanding of the human voice helped me navigate through triumphs and ceilings. Kirsty is incredibly understanding, compassionate and invested in each and every voice that she takes on. Days where I would doubt myself and my abilities had short durations when I was in Kirsty’s room. I can safely say that neither my voice or myself as a performer would be where they are today without Kirsty’s help.

The Studio and Star Factory - Adelaide Clark

Kirsty doesn’t just teach you how to sing, she teaches you how to be a SINGER. Go to her, go. Now.

The Studio and Star Factory - Matthew Lee Robinson

I would recommend to any touring artist or travelling artist – whether they’re coming from America, Britain, or the East or West Coast of Australia – to come to the Studio and Star Factory. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

The Studio and Star Factory - Darcy Callus

Whilst many ‘teach’, true teachers are seldom found in today’s industry. Kirsty Roberts is one of these people. She is completely dedicated to bringing out the best in her students. When you pair that with world-class knowledge and astute professionalism, you have a special teacher who can take you a long way.

The Studio and Star Factory - Dave Stroud

There are very few teachers in the world like Kirsty. Kirsty is kind, attentive, knowledgeable, focused and continually challenging herself so that she can be a better teacher for anyone who is lucky enough to have her as their voice coach. I cannot say enough great things about Kirsty and whatever words I put in the attempt to describe her will always come up short. Plainly, words don’t work – you have to meet her and spend time with her to fully understand what I’m saying. I’m honoured to know her and call her one of my colleagues.

The Studio and Star Factory - Alana Iannace

I am incredibly lucky to have Amelie Peters as a coach and mentor. She is passionate, patient, efficient with her time and committed to getting the best out of all her students. Her loving and caring nature allows me to feel completely comfortable and confident in sessions, and she always goes above and beyond to help in any way she can.

The Studio and Star Factory - Sebastien Skubala

Alex Hosking continues to inspire and push me to achieve new milestones in every lesson, which seemed out of reach in the lesson before. Not only is she a supremely talented singer and songwriter in her own right, but she is a patient and devoted coach who leads by example. To work with Alex is to work with the industry’s best.

The Studio and Star Factory - Sophie Guidolin

With Kirsty’s unwavering support and brilliant coaching, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre) at the Victorian College of the Arts. Working with Kirsty not only prepared me for my audition but set me up for my next three years of training. Her kindness and dedication to each student is unparalleled.

The Studio and Star Factory - Mikari Zollo Semmler

Michael Griffiths is an extremely talented performer, who has helped me immensely in developing my cabaret skills. He’s great at recognising potential and helping people find their own voice.

The Studio and Star Factory - Zali Sedgman

The Studio and Star Factory is where dreams are nurtured, inspired and given the potential to flourish. The team of mentors at the studio have created a magical atmosphere, which is evident when visiting the studio. I received opportunities to work with mentors of the highest calibre at The Studio in voice, music theory, keyboard and music theatre. The opportunities that Kirsty and the Studio team have created and continue to create are invaluable.

The Studio and Star Factory - Claire Morphett

I have been so lucky to learn from Cate Dyer. She has incredible skills and knowledge of vocal technique, songwriting, and music business, and she has always supported me in pursuing my music career goals. I’m so happy to be a part of The Studio family, and to learn from experienced musicians and performers. I am always so inspired by the talented and hard working studio community.

The Studio and Star Factory - Nick Wright

Kirsty is one of the most effective, sharpest and kindest music professionals I have met. She gives her students that most vital of ingredients:  Confidence. It would be easy for someone of Kirsty’s talent to be over-bearing or intimidating; instead, she is humble, welcoming and warm.

The Studio and Star Factory - Efthimia Koutsouridis

I love working at The Studio. The calming environment allows me to be open and freely create music alongside amazing mentors. My mentor Cate is so inspiring and encouraging. I could not ask for a better studio family to create around.

The Studio and Star Factory - Alex Blyth

Amelie is one of the most incredible vocal coaches you could ask for. Cate’s energy and enthusiasm lights up the whole studio. She has taught me so much about recording, and she really cares about her students and their achievements. Alexandra has helped me soar with my songwriting, in ways I could have only dreamed of. Being at The Studio means being part of a family who celebrate the successes of everyone involved.

The Studio and Star Factory - Darren Mullan

Kirsty is world class and this is the real deal. Everyone benefits from working with her and her amazing team.

The Studio and Star Factory - Naomi Belet

Truly gifted artists are rare. Even rarer are truly gifted teachers (of any kind). Kirsty Roberts is both of these things, and more. But even with all her credentials; all her professionalism, specialised industry knowledge and world-class technical understanding of the voice, it is perhaps most of all her nurturing soul that sets her apart from all other teachers. She taught me everything I know about the voice, but she also shaped my career, mentored me as an artist, and grew me as a person. She is excited by every success, stratospheric or small, of a student, because she genuinely invests in every single one of them. I feel hugely privileged and incredibly lucky to have been trained by the best.

Since starting with Chelsea at The Studio and Star Factory, Aaliyah has improved more in a few months than she did in 18 months with her previous teachers. Chelsea has been a brilliant coach and mentor to Aaliyah and we couldn’t be happier with her progress under Chelsea’s guidance.

The Studio and Star Factory - Taylah Paige

Kirsty is not only a gifted and extremely knowledgable vocal coach but a talented artist as well. Her commitment, professionalism and loyalty to her students are second to none, and Kirsty’s passion for success shines through in her teaching. Kirsty’s credentials and involvement within the music industry speak volumes about her dedication and devotion.

It is so comforting to have a teacher who really understands the mechanics of the voice, performing, songwriting and all the various facets that make up the music industry.

I would thoroughly recommend Kirsty to any artist wanting to take their skills and talent to the next level.