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Kirsty Roberts

One of Australia’s most in-demand vocal and songwriting coaches, Kirsty is honoured to work regularly with some of the worlds most legendary artists and creatives. Her loyal clients include internationally charting singer-songwriters, Academy award-winning actors and professional music theatre performers.

With a nurturing, artist-centric approach and almost twenty years of professional experience in the music industry, Kirsty is renowned for her ability to enable vocal freedom in the rehearsal room, in the recording studio, on set and on tour.

Kirsty signed her first recording and publishing deals at the age of fifteen, touring internationally as a young singer-songwriter and performer before pursuing the dream of opening her own studio. Today, Kirsty works on location, online and from her studio, drawing on an in-depth knowledge of vocal pedagogy, vocal health, psychology, musicianship, songwriting and performance to bring out the very best in her artists.

A graduate of Sir Paul McCartney’s highly acclaimed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (UK) and the Australian Institute of Music (Sydney) Kirsty holds a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) and a diploma of Performing Arts (voice/songwriting.) She was the first South Australian to be recognised and authorised by Vocology In Practice, an LA based global network of elite voice professionals. Kirsty continues to travel often to connect with master voice teachers and specialists in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. She has been mentoring vocal coaches by invitation around the world for the past 7 years.

Kirsty is passionate about the power of collaboration and shared vision. She is fiercely proud of her Studio family.