Our Team

Each member of our close-knit vocal coaching team holds an internationally recognised (bachelor degree or higher) qualification in voice, music and/or pedagogy.

Over the years, we’ve been recognised by record labels, music directors and vocal health professionals for our ability to facilitate vocal freedom and optimum vocal health, long term. Our loyal family of artists includes singer-songwriters, touring musicians, recording artists and professional music theatre performers.

We are also the go-to team in Australia for actors and triple threats, who are often working towards specific goals under high pressure.

Our approach to vocal coaching is holistic, nurturing and artist-centred. We help singers to master their craft and unlock previously unimagined potential.

Meet the Mentors

Voice Lessons

We can help you extend your range, blend smoothly between registers, develop vocal control, eliminate strain, increase vocal stamina, expand your toolbox of vocal qualities and colours – and so much more. Whether you’re prepping for 8 shows per week or navigating back-to-back recording sessions, we’ve got you! We’ll help you stay vocally fit and healthy, without taking away from what makes your voice special.

Vocal Direction

We provide vocal direction in the recording studio, online and/or on-location. We also provide vocal direction for music theatre casts and cast recordings.


Our international network includes leading vocal health professionals and voice scientists as well as master vocal teachers. They help us to provide VIP care for our singers, all over the world.

Tools & Resources

We create personalised vocal conditioning programs, tailored towards each artist’s goals. Recorded exercises, professional sheet music and custom backing tracks are provided for practise between one-on-one voice lessons.  We also provide ongoing support and feedback, along with membership to our online community and access to our international network.

Repertoire Coaching

In addition to technical training and vocal health management, we offer specialised repertoire coaching in all genres of music. We’ll help you build a unique collection of perfect-fit pieces to draw from, so that you’re always ready for your next cover recording, audition or performance. We also offer professional audition coaching with live piano accompaniment.

Emerging Talent

Our Studio environment is geared towards those pursuing a professional career in music or performing arts. That being said, we love being there right from day one!  If you’re a young singer looking to take your vocal training or artist development to the next level, let’s connect.


Vocal coaching is offered 7 days a week at The Studio and Star Factory. Please keep in mind that our vocal coaches are in high demand, and it may be necessary to join a waitlist for a weekly or fortnightly place.