Our Team

Our team includes specialist voice teachers and mentors across the genres of pop, R&B, jazz, classical, singer-songwriter and music theatre.

Each of our voice teachers and repertoire coaches hold an internationally recognised (bachelor degree or higher) qualification and/or certifications in voice, music, pedagogy and vocal health.

Our songwriting, recording and live performance mentors are international hit-makers who understand the nuances and vocal demands of each genre.

We are supported by a global network of leading vocal health researchers and practitioners. They help us provide VIP care for our singers within Australia and beyond.

Meet the Mentors

Our Approach

We provide a safe and inspiring space for singers to work on technique, artistry and vocal health goals.

Our approach to building and maintaining healthy voices is holistic and artist-centred.

We love helping our students discover and lean into their own unique strengths. We also cross-train in different styles of singing, to ensure versatility and longevity in their careers. Importantly, we educate artists of all genres about how to care for their voices long-term.

Vocal Lessons

We train both pre-professional and professional vocal athletes. We also welcome actors, dancers and musicians who are working towards becoming skilled vocalists.

Cultivating great vocal technique and keeping vocally fit and healthy is a priority for all our students, so that when a career-defining opportunity comes up, they’re ready to do their best work.

Technique goals that we can assist with include:

  • Mastering different vocal qualities and colours such as belt, legit and mix.
  • Learning correct body alignment and minimising unnecessary tension.
  • Demystifying vocal anatomy and physiology, breath management, vowel tuning and placement.
  • Improving range, flexibility, resonance, stamina and overall freedom in the voice.


Vocal lessons are offered weekly or fortnightly, in durations of 30, 45 or 60 mins.

Repertoire Coaching

Repertoire coaching sessions with live piano accompaniment help our students put their best foot forward in auditions, assessments and performances.

In these sessions, singers receive professional music direction and the opportunity to build a book of repertoire that best showcases their abilities.

They learn to prepare sheet music accurately, interpret a score and choose appropriate cuts. Storytelling and acting through song techniques are also explored in this space.

Repertoire Coaching is offered weekly, fortnightly, or casually in durations of 30, 45 or 60 mins.

A combined program of vocal lessons and repertoire coaching is highly recommended for those pursuing a music theatre pathway.

Acting Tuition

Weekly and fortnightly places are now available for acting tuition at the studio in two streams – theatre or film & tv.

Casual audition coaching/mentoring sessions are also available for Studio members who need to prepare monologues for auditions or film self-tapes.


Young Voices

We offer a number of vocal training and development opportunities for young voices. To find out more or book your private consult and studio tour, please get in touch